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A List of Books
Summary: A list of books to help people reduce the inner critic and get off the cycle of self-hatred and eating behaviors.
   Soul Without Shame by Byron Brown. 
He was my teacher about the inner critic, whose work I adapted for EDs. I know of no other writer as yet who has recognized and expressed the problem and solution so well. I recommend starting with the Prologue, Introduction, and first four chapters, then skipping to Chapter 9. Otherwise, it can seem overwhelming and people stop reading it. On the other hand, you may love it and want to read every word.

The Erasing ED Treatment Manual by Sheira Kahn and Nicole Laby
This is the book I co-wrote with Nicole Laby, director of the movie Erasing ED (www.erasinged.com for more info on the movie). What distinguishes it from other books is a long list of interventions that we have see work with clients, a graphic description of how the psyche gets skewed when there are eating issues, and a series of graphs illustrating the cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviors for people with anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating. These are extremely helpful for anyone who is mystified and frustrated by eating behaviors that persist despite their best efforts.

The Courage To Heal by Ellen Bass
This is the go-to book for abuse survivors in the U.S., especially sexual abuse.

Freedom from the Inner Critic by Bonnie Weiss 
Weiss was also trained by Byron Brown and specializes in EDs. Her perspective differs from Brown's in a way that is sometimes more accessible for people with eating issues. It includes exercises and practices for readers.

Don't Diet/Live-It by Andrea Lobue and Marsea Marcus
This is a classic ED workbook.that touches on important subjects for ED people and is good for self-reflection. 

Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating by Leora Fulvio
Step-by-step description of how to take action on ending compulsive eating by someone who has personal wisdom and experience.

Here is a website of ED books: http://www.gurzebooks.com/books.html.