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Individual Counseling for Eating and Body Image Issues



Have you lost weight and then gained it back? Do you feel out of control around food? Are you dominated by thoughts about what you ate and how you look? Have you tried  to address this, without lasting success?

Disliking your body and being preoccupied with food is so constant and started so long ago, you may wonder if it will ever be any different.

Of course you would feel frustrated that this part of your life has not changed. But a relaxed relationship with your body and a carefree way of eating are very, very possible.

My calling is to help people gain freedom from their eating and body image problems. Clients become inspired, vitalized, and powerful once they have insight and tools for getting out of the eating/self-rejection cycle. It is my privilege and pleasure to get to know you, then teach you skills from my Eat in Peace program to foster an easy relationship with food and your body. To read about my story, click here.

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