If you are struggling with eating or relationship issues, or need general psychotherapy, you have come to the right place. Clients receive support, insight, and actions they can take to move forward in even the most vexing areas of their lives. The blog contains helpful information, and my list of services describes how I work in the different specialties. Whatever your challenges, I hope this website and I can be of service. Appointments are available over Zoom or by phone, with in-person meetings available periodically.


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Two Wise Women Talking, co-hosted with Diana Zaheer. Tools and stories to help you bring more love to the relationship with yourself and others. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

Conquering your Inner Critic, a podcast with Sheira Kahn, hosted by Vicky Aldana.

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Presentations and Groups

These presentations or workshops can be given separately for one hour each, or be combined into a three- to six-hour workshop. I have also presented this material to clinicians.

Blood Sugar and You

Students learn how blood sugar affects mood and which eating behaviors throw off blood sugar levels. Presentation includes a discussion of “normal hungry” v. “too hungry” and the physical, emotional and cognitive signs for each. Participants leave knowing how eating affects their ability to stay centered and resilient.

Beat Your Inner Critic so it Doesn't Beat You

This presentation illustrates how the inner critic contributes to compulsive behaviors, how a healthy ego provides the strength to overcome unwanted behaviors, and how eating in accordance with hunger and fullness signals builds healthy ego. Attendees take away an ability to identify when the inner critic or id is taking over when eating, and how to de-escalate.

The Steps to Peaceful Eating

Participants learn the steps that support them to start eating when hungry, stop when full, and feel nourished and satisfied. In addition to concrete


steps that lead to a meditative eating experience, enjoyable eating is presented as a way to have pleasure without the use of drugs/alcohol.

Feel Feelings - Don’t Stuff Them

Clients practice expressing emotions and needs for connection instead of turning to food or dieting.

Treating Eating Issues Through Ego Rebalancing

This is a Power Point presentation and workshop for clinicians on how to reduce compulsive eating behaviors through supporting the id, reducing the inner critic, and strengthening a loving ego. (Three to six hours long, depending on how much experiential material the group wants).


Meditative Meal

Clients practice meditative eating using the steps outlined in the presentations above. People leave having had an experience of paying attention to their bodies and to the food, with an emphasis on enjoying the experience of eating.

Inner Critic Support Group (with or without Art/Drama/Music)

Psych-education and practice group for getting a handle on the role of the inner critic in creating one’s inner experience and influencing one’s actions. In addition to providing emotional support about the evolution of the harsh critic, clients practice claiming their humanity using concrete exercises and the support of the group. Visual arts, drama and music can be incorporated to clarify the voices inside a person and create a sense of power in the face of the critic.

Process Group

Attachment-based psychotherapy group where clients rely on therapist and each other to become vulnerable and receive support instead of rejection.


Assessment for Eating Issues

An extensive evaluation of eating behaviors and attitudes to rule out co- occurring eating issues or the substitution of an eating addiction (or soda/ Red Bull addiction) for the drug/alcohol addiction.

Consultation with other Clinicians

Consultation for clinicians who have questions about eating issues in their clients. Recommendations for current and aftercare treatment of the eating issues. Evaluation of whether a client needs an immediate doctor visit. (I can explain this when we talk).

Seeing Addicts with Eating Issues

When indicated, I see clients who are currently in treatment for addictions to address problematic eating issues. Alternatively, I see clients during their aftercare period, and continue to consult with the addiction counselor.