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Animal Communication

Sheira has been doing animal communication since 1995. Her clients have been dogs, cats, horses, a tortoise, and their owners. Her skills are based on the work of Penelope Smith, author of Animal Talk. 

She learned animal communication when, after moving to a new house, her cat Dovi ran away to the old house whenever she let him outside. It was a dangerous trip with lots of traffic, and the recommendations from the vet were not working. She found out there was such a thing as animal communication. The animal communicator used pictures to convey to Dovi how dangerous cars are. The “pet psychic” also helped the cat express that he missed his old house and needed more “special time” with Sheira, who got a demanding new job when they moved. Sheira and Dovi made agreements: she would spend more time with him, and he would not go back to the old house. He never ran away again.

The pet psychic recommended that Sheira learn animal communication so she could better support Dovi. She showed a talent for it and soon began doing animal communication for her friends. Over the years, she received referrals for a variety of different situations. She helped locate lost cats, lost dogs, and a lost tortoise. She facilitated conversations between dogs and their owners to clarify new roles and relationships through life’s many changes. She helped a horse owner understand mood changes in their animal. She has facilitated conversations with cats and dogs before, during and after their passing.

Most animal communication tasks can be completed in one session of 50 minutes. Shorter sessions are available if there are no issues, but the owner wishes to improve their relationship with the pet. Appointments are done over Zoom or phone. (The pet and the owner need to be present, and it’s best if Sheira can see the animal). Animal communication is sweet and satisfying, as pets are 100% real and honest - and very dedicated to their owners. Please email Sheira at kahnmft@gmail.com to inquire or set up an appointment.