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Eating/Body Image Background
Summary: Life experience combined with formal schooling prepared me to become an expert on eating issues.

From the ages of 15 to 19, I had a life-threatening case of bulimia. Thankfully, I stopped purging when I was 20. Hatred of myself and my body persisted, however, and I rued every bite of food. Shame made it hard to buy clothes or seek employment; I thought about eating and body issues constantly. Help came in two ways: a meditation school where I learned to fight off the inner critic, and a book on listening to hunger and fullness signals. Since my inner critic was so focused on my body and food, the work in the meditation school reduced the obsessive thoughts. Then, the book taught me how to listen to my stomach, not my critic, when making food decisions. Combining my experience as a bulimia survivor, the inner critic work, and my training in psychology (especially regarding attachment and the nervous system), I have an insider's view of the best solutions to eating issues. I collected and adapted these to create a set of skills that it is my pleasure to share with you. Please call for a brief, no-cost consultation about how I can help you to freedom through my Eat in Peace program and/or individual sessions.