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Twelve Steps
Summary: Why the 12 steps and therapy work well together, Sheira Kahn, MFT.

twelve_steps_1.jpgThe basic Twelve-Step principle of replacing one's ego-driven compulsions with
surrender to a Higher Power captures the essence of the general healing process. Twelve-Step participation is therefore a great adjunct to therapy. In addition, the literature and tools that have come out of the Twelve Step world get to the bottom of the problems experienced by those who come from dysfunctional families.

I am familiar with working with clients who are in varoius Twelve Step programs, enhancing their step work with therapy, but Twelve Step participation is not required to enter treatment with me.

Regarding eating disorder recovery and Twelve Step programs: Eating Disorders Anonymous, promotes the healing principles with which I have seen clients be successful. Overeaters Anonymous, unfortunately, is often not helpful. For more information, please see “Why Overeaters Anonymous Doesn’t Work” under Articles.